I love gardening. It was around 2009 when I got started with it, and it helped me to get through some challenging times, that were intermixed with wonderful times, and enhanced those.

After taking a test with my doctor to find food sensitivities as a new (to me) way to not provoke my immune system I ended up a very Paleo diet…I didn’t know it was had a cool name like “Paleo” at that point, and back then I would have this long list like this:


…which basically left meat, fruit, and vegetables. I was actually pretty psyched when the Paleo Diet got popular and I could just say that I was “…just eating Paleo.”.

Unfortunately…it was also a time of getting used to being broke. I was buying food with food stamps, getting WIC (useless with my dietary restrictions) and even went to a food bank a few times. At the same time, I was getting used to being an OWNER. My husband had a house, and now it was OUR house. We had two pear trees at that house, right on the front lawn, and I loved being able to just go and pick something to eat. It wasn’t soon after that I decided to start a garden to grow food, I was already dedicated to only purchasing organic food, and not having money made it crystal clear that buying a packet of seeds was a whole lot less expensive than buying fresh every couple of days.

So now, eight years later I am happy to say that I have a LOT of plants. I’m no longer limited to either 4x4ft garden bed and I have a lot more space, so a lot more plants! Most of them are edible, and I’m just as obsessed, but I welcome a few ornamentals to keep my pollinators happy. Now I am wanting to share all that I’ve learned and to continue learning, especially with the current political climate, I don’t want to get “too” prepper, but I do think it is important that we all know how to grow the food that we as a species need to survive. Now it is more of a learning and getting good at it hobby, and maybe canning soon too. I’m documenting the lessons and progress of my edibles and helping other people at I look forward to growing and cultivating it!

2017 Garden Picture

This is a picture of part of my garden, which includes 2 4×8 beds and a LOT of plants in containers. I am trying to perfect the propagation of some of the bushes and trees, so it is always increasing it seems! I’m very grateful to have a landlord that lets me do all this, though I also do look forward to being able to put more of these plants into the ground!

If you want gardening updates, I recommend signing up or checking site here for updates and updates at some updates may be cross posted, but not all of them. Happy Gardening!!